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How people benefit from working with Jill.

Moving Towards Radical Self-Love

I struggled with self-confidence, anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress for over a decade of my life. I saw a lot of different therapists and sought a lot of different therapies and nothing seemed to change. Every day I would have feelings of self-loathing, feeling like I couldn’t get anything right, and that I was not worthy of love. A therapist suggested that I do some EMDR to work past the post-traumatic stress and she recommended Jill Denton to me.

I have only seen Jill for a short while, but already things have shifted dramatically for me. After one particular EMDR session where the words “I love myself unconditionally” were repeated, I came home feeling a fantastic new feeling. I felt love for myself for the first time! This wasn’t just a feeling of acceptance, but more like the feeling you get when you are falling in love with someone. I even felt butterflies, but for myself! Something inside me was unlocked during that session, and now I take better care of myself, I am making progress in many areas of my life, and rather than getting down on myself for making a mistake, I just love and accept myself unconditionally. I feel joy for the first time since I was a little girl. I am so grateful for Jill’s expertise in EMDR. She guides me through some painful memories in such a nurturing, caring way that makes me feel truly safe. Doing EMDR with Jill has been life changing and I now have more love to give – to myself and others. Thank you Jill!
-M. Burns

Panic No More

My name is Sami and I’m a current client of Jill Denton’s. I met Jill in 2009 after I graduated college. I sought her out because I was experiencing panic attacks daily, was feeling completely out of control, and completely dependent upon others to “help me” feel secure and okay.

These panic attacks were not strangers to me. Since I can remember I have struggled with irrational thoughts, fears, and anxiety. Continue reading

Fidelity, Faith and Fortitude

From a letter to Jill: “I have come to the conclusion that it is time to move beyond my past need for professional assistance… I realize that the push forward will present any number of personal challenges. With your help, love and guidance this past year, I believe I now own the ‘toolbox’ to help me face these challenges, no matter what form they may assume. Words alone cannot begin to express my gratitude for what you have helped me accomplish. Fidelity, faith and fortitude are rooms within my heart whose doors you helped me fling open. I will be forever in your debt.”

A Window into Myself

“I came to Jill almost a year ago, when I was prepared to face the realities of my life and the path that I was taking. Jill meets you in a place of vulnerability and compassion and assists you in opening the window into your true, authentic self.  She has given me the tools to harness my own energy and power in this world. Coupled with her many years of experience working with GLBT clients, sexual abuse and rape victims, addictions and intimacy issues, Jill is fully equipped spiritually and emotionally to guide you into a path of self-healing.  I am now able to live a life with more love, productivity and happiness.  I continue to be inspired by Jill’s therapeutic genius and what it brings into my daily life.”


“At the age of 64 I was probably more apprehensive than most in seeking professional psychotherapy for the first time.  Jill Denton quickly put me at ease and seemed not one bit concerned about my age.  She was concerned about the obvious emotional distress and turmoil I was in and set out to find out what we could do about it.  Through a combination of suggested readings, sharing some of her own experiences, and a great deal of understanding and compassionate listening, Jill gradually led me to awareness of themes and behavior patterns that had caused difficulties most of my life.  With this awareness I have over time come to understand myself better and have been able to change many of the perceptions and behaviors that had caused me problems.  I continue to see Jill occasionally on a ‘tune-up’ basis, and enjoy talking with her as a well-educated person with broad general interests that go well beyond the ‘textbook psychology’ school.”

Tangled Roads

“Jill ‘s subtle strength is an encompassing ability to give me a safe and accepting space to find those buried memories from my past that were the source of lifelong feelings of anxiety, shame, and self disrespect.  I feel safe and encouraged to explore all the ‘tangled roads’ in my mind. Those very roads that have, in the past, been so confusing that I have in desperation given up any hope of exploring them. Jill encouraged my participation in a 12 step group that provided incredible support and community in a very critical period of my work with her. The perspective gained, and the unbelievable feeling of ‘I’m not alone’, were a tremendous relief and comfort to me as I continued work with Jill.  I don’t believe I would have continued therapy long enough to find these traumatic memories from almost 50 years ago if it hadn’t been for Jill’s truly spiritual approach to her work with me.  Her encouragement to find my own spiritual path has been instrumental in the truly profound feelings of ‘peace of mind’ that I now have.”