Many people’s lives are negatively impacted by events which happened in the past. We all have a natural ability to heal from the pain and difficulty which are an inevitable part of living. But sometimes our own natural abilities and strengths get overwhelmed by the extent of the trauma.

A highly effective technique has been developed which utilizes the brain’s natural healing power. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming Therapy (usually known as EMDR Therapy) can greatly accelerate the healing process regardless of the trauma that is causing problems. Jill uses EMDR Therapy to help people with all kinds of trauma issues and especially to assist in healing sexual problems. (See one person’s experience here.)

EMDR Therapy is a simple psychotherapeutic technique for revisiting difficulties of the past and bringing the brain’s natural healing power to bear on the problem. Recently the American Psychiatric Association described it as having the ‘highest level of effectiveness’ for treating trauma. If you are interested in knowing more you may want to read the book EMDR: the Breakthrough Therapy… by Francine Shapiro.

The World Health Organization stated in 2013 that EMDR Therapy “is based on the idea that negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors are the result of unprocessed memories. The treatment involves standardized procedures that include focusing simultaneously on (a) spontaneous associations of traumatic images, thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations and (b) bilateral stimulation that is most commonly in the form of repeated eye movements.

Like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with a trauma focus, EMDR Therapy aims to reduce subjective distress and strengthen adaptive beliefs related to the traumatic event. Unlike CBT with a trauma focus, EMDR Therapy does not involve (a) detailed descriptions of the event, (b) direct challenging of beliefs, (c) extended exposure, or (d) homework.

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